Thursday, January 18, 2024

My Current Wrap on the Candidates

 In my very Libra style, here is my brief (but spectacular) assessment of the current major candidates running in the 2024 campaign.

Note: The names are listed in alphabetical order.

JOE BIDEN - Conciliator
Knowledgeable and Experienced in working with Congress and foreign leaders
Endorsements: Democratic Party

RON DESANTIS - Firefighter
Advocates for the status quo and governs accordingly.
Endorsements: Florida

NIKKI HALEY - Fair and Balanced 
Continually trying to achieve the American Dream in government, business and society
Endorsements: Chris Sununu, Charles Koch

DONALD TRUMP - The Not So Nice Boss
Capable of achieving wealth at any cost. Wants to run the government the same way.
Endorsements: The Republican Party, Some unions, the Evangelical Church

It's our choice.

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