Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Denver Public Library and Me

A few days ago I gave a virtual presentation to the Denver Public Library about my book on Denver Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Mary Coyle Chase. 

First, it was a thrill for me to address the library audience and they did not disappoint. There were, according to librarian Andrew Wickens and host, twenty people in attendance and the best part is that they were all book and library lovers. You can't have a better audience than that!

My assignment from Andrew was to tell a bit about the book and how I used the library to help me to tell Mary Coyle Chase's story. That was no trouble at all since I spent countless hours there doing my research.

The joy for me, whenever I give a presentation is the feedback after my talk and my slide show. Becky Toma, a long-time follower of Denver theater, was "present" and talked in detail about the time that Jimmy Stewart appeared at the 35th anniversary celebration of "Harvey" at the Bonfils Theatre. She recalled how glamorous Jimmy Stewart and his fashionable wife Gloria made such an impression on the Denver audience who were aghast when he made an appearance. She had many other memories of Mary Chase as well since Mary Chase sat on the board of the Bonfils Theatre.

One of those in attendance had a copy of Mary Chase's book "The Wicked Wicked Ladies of the Haunted House" with her. Another attendee wanted to know if I had spoken to members of the Chase family and how they reacted to my book. 

To me there is no better gratification for these presentations than meeting those interested in my book about Mary Chase. I learn so much when we can connect.