Sunday, January 24, 2021

Harvey's Year in Review



Harvey’s Year in Review



“Pockross certainly pulls a delightful and informative biography out of her hat”—Talkin’ Broadway


A charming book about a theater legend”—Sonya Ellenboe, Colorado Community Media


“An entertaining and absorbing biography of Mary Coyle Chase”

Mark Kappel News Notes


To all of you who have learned about my book on Harvey and Mary Chase and especially to those of you who have purchased it and even better written about it, THANK YOU!!!!


Despite the fact that we all have been under quarantine and trying to find some happy moments during a difficult year, we have muddled through and hopefully can look forward to happier moments this year. I hope Harvey has provided some comic relief in some way.


It has been a very rewarding year for me since the publication of my book in October of 2020.


I have written and published two articles about Mary Chase and Harvey, one for Colorado Heritage Magazine and one for Colorado Life Magazine.


I’ve given presentations to the Denver Woman’s Press Club and my own book club.


I’ve been interviewed for the University of Denver Alumni Magazine, the Vail DailyColorado Community Media, and for a film on Mary Chase sponsored by the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame that is scheduled to be completed in March.


I’ve been reviewed by Broadway Stars and New York Theatre blogs and I have received mentions by PlaybillBroadway World and Mark Kappel’s News Notes and Dance Blog


Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for your support and for making Mary Chase come to life.


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